NZMSS Student Awards

Stage: Competition Finished

Award Rules - these rules apply to the award of all NZMSS Student Prizes
1. The Presentation and Poster Prize awards shall be decided by NZMSS Council or its appointed Committee. If there are more than five suitable entries in either category, a second prize of such amount as decided by Council may be awarded in that category. A written citation will accompany each prize;
2. The prizes shall be awarded on the determination of a Prizes Committee appointed by the Council of the Association, representing both the Council and the Conference Organising Committee. The decision of the Prizes Committee shall be final;
3. The Prizes Committee, noting the dual objectives of recognising and encouraging student effort, may take the age and experience of students into account in reaching its decision;
4. In judging the oral presentation, the Prizes Committee shall consider clarity of expression, originality, the standard of the scientific contribution, and the presentation (including the ability to stay within the allotted time);
5. Oral presentation and posters may include review of expository materials, progress reports, or substantive research results;
6. In judging the posters, the Prizes Committee shall consider effective use of the poster medium to communicate information, originality and standard of the scientific contribution. Expensive, high-quality graphics and photographs provided by institutions or external agencies will not be a major consideration;
7. Council reserves the right not to award the prizes, or to award only the first prize in each case, if it deems that entries are not of sufficient calibre;

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The New Zealand Marine Sciences Society, known as “NZMSS”, was formed in 1960 as a constituent society of New Zealand’s Royal Society, to encourage and assist marine science and related research across a wide range of disciplines in New Zealand and to foster communication among those with an interest in marine science.